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KOKUYO Jibun Techo 3-in-1 Overview

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What is the Jibun Techo?

kokuyo jibun techo books
Japan’s yearly planner game is strong. They have magazine publications dedicated solely to feature all the great planners on offer. Kokuyo’s Jibun Techo’s diary portion can be had alone, but for completeness, we will be discussing how the other 2 books come into play as well.


Hobonichi vs Jibun Techo

Let’s just get this out of the way because this is the big question isn’t it?

Well, both books feature delicious 52gsm Tomoe River paper from start to finish. Strong binding methods have been used in both, enabling them to lay flat.

If you like the use of daily pages, the Hobonichi is your friend. But for those who find themselves not utilising the daily pages and want a lighter, more pared-down planner, then the Jibun Techo steps up. You also get the choice to carry additional notes (IDEA Book) or not. It really depends on how much you want to lug around on any particular day.



jibun techo front cover

The version we will be discussing here is the A5 slim. It measures 21cm x 13cm so think A5 size but skinnier on the east-west axis.

The book comes with a clear vinyl protective cover, boasting several slots both internally and externally that can be used to store small pieces of notes/cards.

Jibun internal slots

Back internal card slots. Also present at front of book.

The elastic band to hold the books together (or used alone with DIARY) is attached to a handy plastic ruler board as well.

Jibun back slot and ruler board

The back plastic slot meant for attaching additional notebooks, can also double up as additional storage. The elastic band comes with a nifty ruler board.

There’s something for everyone here whether you prefer a full month view or a weekly one.

Jibun Techo Monthly View



jibun techo weekly layout



There are also pages for monthly scheduling purposes.

Jibun Monthly Schedule


There are several pages at the beginning of the diary that is printed with built-in tracking templates. There’s no hard rule here that you must use them for what they were intended for. Personally, I would consider the pages that are of no use for me as spare writing pages.

  • Spending tracker
  • Favourite Phrases
  • Recommendations List
  • Book List
  • Movie List
  • Gifts Received and Given
  • Promise List

Despite all that, the DIARY book alone is only 1cm thick!



jibun techo idea book

IDEA notebook

The IDEA book is a gridded notebook for you to write all your notes and thoughts. The vinyl cover from the DIARY section allows you to attach new IDEA books as you fill them up.
The paper is 52gsm Tomoe River paper.




Jibun LIFE notebook

LIFE notebook

The LIFE book is printed on Kokuyo’s MIO paper and encourages you to plan out your goals. This book in particular is designed to be moved from year to year along with your new DIARY.



Other Features

  • A clear vinyl protective cover comes standard
  • An elastic band is also included to hold everything together
  • 2 ribbon bookmarkers
  • Lays flat at 180º


The CamiApp

For those who want to take it one step further and digitize your notes for all eternity, the CamiApp steps in to take care of that. For more info on this, see here.


Purchasing Info

The Jibun Techo 3-in-1 set costs $82.00 AUD and is available in 3 colour-ways: Navy, Pink and White.

November 27, 2018